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February 2023
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Niki, Shawn and Melisa talk about a ladies group.

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Prepping yet?  We had a fun time with old friends and new.

Shelby Gallagher - Author




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April 19, 1775  Patriots' Day


(Material for the text of this episode is from


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Part 2 of our Podcasters Roundtable from day two of the Rangemaster Tactical Conference.

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We are joined by several of our fellow podcasters sharing thoughts of day two of the Rangemaster Tactical Conference.


Dr. John Edeen ~ Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

Rob Morse ~ Self Defense Gun Stories

Bob Mayne ~ Handguns World Podcast

Ben Branam ~ Modern Self Protection

+ friends  :)

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The whole gang talks about their first day of the Rangemaster Tactical Conference.  Unfortunately, we ran out of memory and missed the last 45 minutes.  You're welcome.

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Rod Moeller from the NFOA joins us to talk about some proposed changes in state laws regarding firearms.  Find your state firearms organization and get involved.


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While Melisa is working, Toby (without adult supervision) spends some time visiting with NRA Counselor Justin about some upcoming classes.


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After a long break, we are back!  A lot things coming in the New Year.


Crusader Leather Works


RangeMaster Tactical Conference

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Dr. John Edeen MD joins us to talk about DRGO and maybe a little Appleseed.

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Massad Ayoob and Gail Pepin share their thoughts on Project Appleseed.


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Justin from Nebraska Shooters joins us to talk about the variety of classes offered.

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After four years of waiting Melisa and Toby finally make to to MAG 40.  

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During the whole affair, the rebels attacked us in a very scattered, irregular manner, but with perseverance and resolution, nor did they ever dare to form into a regular body.  Indeed they knew too well what was proper, to do so.  Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob, will find himself very much mistaken.  They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about, having been employed as rangers against the Indians and Canadians, and the country being very much cover with wood, and hilly, is very advantageous for the method of fighting.  ~ Lord Hugh Percy


(Material for the text of this episode is from

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Shawn Steiner joins us to talk about ways to avoid having to use your gun.  Melisa and Toby get more involved with Project Appleseed and talk about up coming classes.

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Chaz from the Roadgunner Podcast joins us to talk about an upcoming MAG 20 class.

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Our friend Rob joins us to share some experiences he has had with gun shot wounds as a paramedic.  Melisa and Toby finally sign up for MAG 20 x2 =40.

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Melisa and Toby talk guns and classes.  Melisa sees the new Star Wars movie...

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Joining us for a light hearted chat about firearms training are Chaz, Shawn, Brian and Jason.

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Melisa brings the first Glock into the family plus a little banter.

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Melisa and Toby share their thoughts on a recent road trip to the NFOA annual meeting and Hornady Mfg plant.  Listener feedback and a winner or two are announced.



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Trevor from Slam Fire Radio joins Melisa to talk about Steel Challenge.

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THE Armed Couple joins us to chat about a little bit of everything.

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Melisa interviews firearms trainer and martial arts instructor Shawn Steiner.

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Ep 12  Chaz from the Roadgunner Podcast joins Melisa and Toby to talk about a whole bunch of stuff.  

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Melisa and Toby get some personalized instruction from Shawn Steiner of Steiner Acadamy of Firearms.  Listener emails and your chance to earn a signed copy of Day After Disaster by Sara F. Hathaway.

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Glen Tate author of the 299 Days book series joins Melisa, Sticks and Toby for a fun little chat.  Special thanks to Sticks for setting this up.  ~  T

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Interview with Sara Hathaway author of Day After Disaster.


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Ep 8  Melisa and Toby learn about Coopers Color Codes of Awareness and discover helpfull marriage tips.

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Ep 7  Melisa and Toby catch up on school, range time, motorcycle tests, reloading, gardening and Project Appleseed.

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Ep 6  Melisa and Toby talk about classes they have attended lately and what's for dinner.

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Ep 5  Welcome Tommy Nelson owner of Practical Armed Response Academy and his wife Danica as they share some of their experiences living an armed lifestyle.

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Welcome Trevor from Slam Fire Radio as he explains some of the common types of handguns and ammo.  Melisa and Toby also discuss upcoming training they will be attending.

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Ep 3 Melisa and Toby don't quite see eye to eye, but that's ok.  Melisa also discovers 299 Days on audio books, and a little listener feedback.

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Ep 2  Toby survives a new gun purchase.  Melisa and Toby talk Valentines Day gift ideas and Coopers 4 basic firearms rules.  

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Ep 1 Just a Quick 'Hello'

Ep1  Welcome to the podcast about one couple sharing their experiences learning to live the armed lifestyle.

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